You provide the shit, I provide the space.


This is the stuff that keeps us coming back to the internet. 
Being able to laugh is one of the greatest gifts we have. 
I have collected a bunch of images and would love to host some for you, If you want credit for them make sure to say so when you email them for us to post. 
Other wise we will not use your name. 
Now let me reimd you, there is alot of broken shit out there so if I get more than 1 picture for submission then the first sender gets credit. 
There are a bunch of sites that claim there shits broken but this is the only one managed by me!

Broken, all poloticians are broken! So it will be NO SURPRISE to see them here!


Hit in the groin HURTS EVERYONE!


OK so your out on a date and the girl gets all shitty and threatens to kick you in the balls! Or some Girl is just shitty and threatening to kick someone in the balls. We have all thought to ourselves that if you were to know what that felt like you would not say that shit! Now just so the men and NOW the women out there know! IT FUCKING HURTS! Just ask this lady!


NEXT, On Cheaters

Do you think her husband knows?


Wolf Piss?

so exactly, what would you use this for? But more importantly HOW the HELL do you collect it?


Even Yogi Fights Dirty!

Hey Boo Boo, how about I punch you in the NUTS, for touching my pick a nic basket!



There are just so many questions I have to ask, and the one that most of you are not thinking is WHY DOES HE HAVE A BASEBALL BAT?



If you say to your self you were NEVER a hoodlum, you are probably still in shock from watching that woman get punched in the groin, but this kid is making a mess of a tennis court and gets a little karma for it.


Wash your hands, Your touching a HOMO DEVIL MACHINE!



I think I have to have one!

This looks like it actualy ran in a paper, I would buy one just based on them having the BALLS to run an add like that.


Sometimes ART

Sometimes Art is just FUCKING BROKEN!


A childrens book from Finland

I am not sure what to say about this but, EXACTLY what could a child take away from a Zebra pissing across a table onto someone elses food?


Driver, you missed my stop?

How do you split up this cab fare?



So the next time your thinking, they are kids they will grow out of it..... REMEMBER, SOME DAMAGE IS PERMENANT!


Talking shit on the Internet

This is that 6'6" 270 lb black, ALL PRO Line Man that was threatening you in game!


Where the spam really comes from!

And you thought they just got lucky with your email address!

Your cat is signing you up for all that shit while your at work!


I love this attitude!

How many of us would be able to have enough humor after losing a lifetime friend like Pig, to tattoo somthing funny about his absence!


Gerbail in a blender?

They look fucking SCARED SHITLESS! BUT, She still has her finger on the make it go button! exactly what do you add to gerbil to make a smoothy!


I think he might use my money on booze or more drugs!

I don't think he has a spaceship, personaly! Who would trust a crazy eyed homeless guy with a spaceship?


If you have had to play this game your going to LOVE this?

I do not think I will be able to play "Guess Who" Ever again without cracking up? and If my 10 year old ever asks me "does he look like a bitch" I will know he has been to the wrong places on the internet!


They lick themselves BECAUSE THEY CAN!

This guy on the otherhand, is about to regret rough housing with his 2 best friends more then you did when you broke moms favorite vase when you were 12!


OK, so if your hurt by this, FUCK YOU!

SO the pedophile is DEAD, and this is just another attack of the poor MJ who never did anything wrong! YEAH RIGHT, fuck him , Hell has a special place for Pedophile scum. He ranked right up there with Hitler and Dahmer in my book!


Office Equipment repair

If your not smart enough to use the machine maybe you should NOT TAKE IT APART!


I found this titled as a MUG SHOT?

I think he was arrested for loving the little people, WITHOUT PERMISSION!


How to breed out idiots in 1 generation OR LESS!

OK so how do you steralize a retard? OH I see now!


Say Uncle, you pussy!

I think I love this dog!


The next time your mom says HOLD STILL!

Snatched Bald? Playing with trimmers? Friend cut hair? Who cares we get to laugh at him LONG after that shit grows back, receeds and falls out due to old age, Remember If you do it and fuck it up you could be famous FOREVER!


Steroids, tattoos, gay and a vampire fetish!

What else could this guy do to embarass his parents? THAT IS RIGHT.........................................NOTHING



The bad news is, you can't buy 3 egs with the 100 million dollars you won in the zambisian lottery which you won without even buying a ticket! IT IS A SCAM STOP REPLYING TO THESE ASSHOLES, AND MAYBE THEY WILL STOP TRYING TO GET YOUR BANK INFO!


Inbreeding! It's Always BROKEN!

I would like you to meet, my cousin, my brother, my uncle, my second cousin and my nephew... And the other guy is his cousins sisters brothers nephew.




I just want to pour Nair all over this guy and then hit him with a power washer!



Made in China? I think they might just be belling us to go suck a dick!




This is for those of you that keep scrolling back to the top to laugh it up a little more before you go back to work or surf porn or what ever you do.... I seem to like watching it every time I talk to my ex!

HEY, now for the pitch, I have a job to do, and I am counting on you out there "Yeah YOU" Now send me some funny shit to post, The more BROKEN the funnier it is.

IT will be like a domino effect, The more stuff we have the more people will come and then we will have to break it up into catagories..... DAYS AND DAYS WORTH OF CHUCKELS AND LAUGHS!